College Football Picks, Saturday 9.13.14

I released three college football picks on Saturday.  We started the day with our biggest college football bet of the day, our 3-Unit MAX BET on Georgia Southern +17 at Georgia Tech.  I like Georgia Southern’s familiarity with Georgia Tech’s triple option and I felt confident they could hang well inside the number.  Without looking, I think they were down 35-10 at halftime and I Tech was dominating the game.  I held no hope of a Georgia Southern cover.  But they made the necessary halftime adjustments and came out rolling in the second half.  They even took a brief 38-35 lead late in the game, only to have Tech march down the field and score the winning TD in the final minute or so.  It ended up being an easy win & just goes to show how completely a game can change from one half to the next.

So we went into the last two bets needing just a split for a winning day.  It wasn’t meant to be, as both South Alabama +13.5 and Texas-San Antonio +13.5 got blown out.  I didn’t get to see a single snap of either game, so I can’t really say much other than I obviously misread both games.

Sports betting will humble anyone in a hurry.  I’m not having the start to college football that I wanted, but I’ve been betting long enough to know that a couple bad days won’t mean much after the dust settles on a long season.  It seems like I don’t truly get rolling in football until October.  I can only guess that’s because I’m very numbers-driven in my handicapping and the more current-season data I have at my disposal, the more accurately I can predict the games.

Last weekend, a 2-0 NFL Sunday sweep turned a bad Saturday into a winning weekend.  I’m hoping today is a repeat of last Sunday.  Four big bets today.  A 4-0 sweep would be very nice.  Stay tuned.


Updated: September 14, 2014 — 12:17 PM

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