Dwayne Bryant’s Sports Betting Picks Results

Listed below is a link to a spreadsheet containing all of Dwayne Bryant’s plays since 2018. You should also see a screenshot of Dwayne’s records while he was monitored at the now-closed sports-bettors.com from 2008 through part of 2016.

Dwayne feels full transparency is extremely important in this industry, and every professional handicapper should have full records clearly listed on their websites.

Dwayne advises pick buyers to be wary of professional handicappers who do not post full records on their websites. If they were winning long term, they would have no problem posting full records. To not do so leads one to believe these handicappers are not winning long term and are trying to hide that fact.

CLICK HERE for DB’s Spreadsheet containing all of Dwayne’s plays since 2018