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Sports handicapper Dwayne Bryant


RECORD SETTER: Unmatched 20-game football win streak (NFL & college)
RESPECTED: Guest Handicapper on some of the Internet's most popular pick-selling sites
EXPERIENCE: Sports Bettor over 30 years; Professional Handicapper since 2000
NO-NONSENSE: No "Game of the Month / Year" marketing BS
CLICK HERE for the spreadsheet of all plays since 1/1/2018

“Dwayne, did you say ‘Less than $2 a day’ for all of your plays?”

Yes, I most certainly did.  The amazingly low price of just $57 a month or $570 a year is just the beginning!  

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“DB, how are you different?”

First, I am a long-term winner.  I provide a link on my site to my spreadsheet containing all my plays since 1/1/2018.  And below is a screenshot of all my plays for the 8 1/2 years I was monitored at the now-closed

You can see I turned a profit on four of the five sports during my 8 1/2 years.  The only losing sport was college hoops, which prompted me to shift gears and create a college hoops totals system beginning in the 2017-18 season.  Since then, this college hoops totals system has produced a profit of +104.27%!

How many other pro cappers show you long-term records?  Not many, because they are long-term losers who play the marketing game, brainwashing you into buying into short-term winning streaks (“I’m on a red hot 5-0 run”) and big-play hype (“Game of the Month” or “Game of the Year” ring a bell?).  You won’t find any of that garbage here.

Instead, I try to teach you the long-term approach, and the proper money management to go along with it.  The sooner you stop buying hyped-up “big plays” and getting sucked in by short-term winning streaks, the sooner you will start to produce a long-term profit.  Let’s face it, my four-year-old grandson could randomly point to teams in the betting rotation and eventually hit a 6-0 run.  STOP GETTING SUCKED IN!  Allow me to put you on the right path… the path to long-term profit!

Client Testimonial: "Very satisfied customer"

“Very satisfied customer”

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Client Testimonial: "Simply the BEST"

“Simply the BEST”

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