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Spreads Versus The Moneyline

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52.4%. If you are familiar with sports betting, you have no doubt seen this number referenced. In point spread sports like basketball or football, 52.4% is the percentage of bets you must correctly pick to break even at the standard -110 odds.  Those who thought you only needed 50% to break even may ask how […]

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“Dwayne, did you say ‘Less than $2 a day’ for all of your plays?” Yes, I most certainly did. I want you to win long-term. It doesn’t matter if you won this week or this month if you’re in the hole for the year. I know at the amazingly low price of just $57 a […]

Watch! Live Webinar on the New DBpicks.com

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The new DBpicks.com opens this Sunday night at 11:59 PM ET.  Many awesome changes are coming for my members.  DBpicks.com will no longer be just a pick-selling site.  The following is a link to the live webinar that was recorded today, Friday, August 24th at 6 PM ET.  This recording of that live webinar will […]