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Spreads Versus The Moneyline

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52.4%. If you are familiar with sports betting, you have no doubt seen this number referenced. In point spread sports like basketball or football, 52.4% is the percentage of bets you must correctly pick to break even at the standard -110 odds.  Those who thought you only needed 50% to break even may ask how […]

Why Most Bettors Lose

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This lesson applies to gamblers of all kinds. Whether playing casino games or betting sports, bad bankroll management will sink you every time. Games such as blackjack along with sports betting are roughly 50/50 propositions. Why is it then that we lose money far more often than we win? Sports bettors who consistently turn profits […]

Sports Betting Lessons: Sometimes You’re the Windshield…

Sports betting can be extremely frustrating.

Sports betting can certainly be an emotional thing.  Whether you’re a recreational bettor or someone who is serious about turning a long-term profit, sports betting can definitely test the emotional stability of even the calmest of people.  As far as sports betting lessons go, the following is probably some of the best sports betting advice […]

Dallas Cowboys & Dez Bryant Non-Catch

The Dallas Cowboys 2014 season ended at Lambeau Field on Sunday.  Dallas fell to the Packers, 26-21, in a hard-fought battle between two NFL heavyweights.  Today, the day after the game, most people are talking about the controversial fourth-down play involving Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Quarterback Tony Romo threw a pass down the […]