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NFL Betting Tips

Ezekiel Elliott hurdles defender

Learn 3 Easy Rules to Bet NFL Games Intelligently¬† Struggling to turn a consistent profit with your NFL betting? Use these 3 expert tips to avoid common mistakes and get yourself back in the black. 1) Make the Bet YOU Want Do you consider yourself an intelligent person? Then act like it. Everyone always talks […]

Spreads Versus The Moneyline

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52.4%. If you are familiar with sports betting, you have no doubt seen this number referenced. In point spread sports like basketball or football, 52.4% is the percentage of bets you must correctly pick to break even at the standard -110 odds.¬† Those who thought you only needed 50% to break even may ask how […]

College Football Betting Tip: When Two Ranked Teams Collide

college football betting tips

Betting Ranked vs Ranked CFB Matchups The calendar has turned to October and chances are that this crazy start to the football season has burnt a hole in your wallet. If, by chance, you have weathered the storm and profited through the first several weeks, get ready to make even more money because I have […]