The Ultimate Guaranteed Picks Package

Hope each of you had a happy and safe holiday season.

Around Thanksgiving, I decided to replace my regular subscriptions with 200% guaranteed picks packages. Any good business listens to their customer base and gives them what they want, within reason of course. I have received many emails from current and former clients. As I’ve said before, it is virtually impossible to please everyone. But to start the new year, I think I have a solution of packages that will give everyone something they like.

I have already started offering daily packages on ALL Max Bets. The Max Bet packages include the 200% Guarantee. So if the Max Bet loses, you will receive the next two (2) Max Bets FREE via email. The Max Bets sell for $20.

I will occasionally offer daily packages for plays that are not Max Bets. These packages will be $10.

The ULTIMATE Guaranteed Picks Package

I have changed the 30-day 200% Guaranteed package to what is now The ULTIMATE Guaranteed Picks Package. The subscription is set to last 30 days. At 30 days, you must be at least +$1,000 (10 Units, 10%, etc.), based on the lines and ratings listed with each play. If you have reached that level, then your subscription ends at 30 days. However, if you are not at that level at 30 days, then your subscription continues at no additional cost until you reach that level… no matter how long it takes! Now THAT is how a guaranteed package should work. Apparently many agree, as this package has proved to be very popular in its brief existence.

As football is the biggest sport in terms of betting, I will most likely offer an NFL season sub, CFB season sub & an NFL/CFB combo season sub for next football season. We obviously have a long time before that will come into play.

So, daily packages, regular non-guaranteed (lower priced) subs, and The ULTIMATE Guaranteed Picks Package. That should give everyone a little something.

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Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant is the owner & handicapper of Dwayne provides members with sports betting tips (aka "picks" or "plays") in NFL, college football, NBA, NCAA basketball, and MLB.

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