DBpicks.com Ratings System Update

Handicappers and sports services all over the internet have many ways to rate their plays. Some speak in terms of Stars, while others use Units as their measuring stick.

At DBpicks.com and my previous site, I used Units for the most part. But that never sat right with me. I mean, when you place a bet, do you tell the book you want 2 Units on Team A? Of course not. It’s all about the money, so it only makes sense to use dollars as the Pick Rating System.

I’m going to make this transition as simple as possible. What was 1 Unit (small bet) will now be $100. What was 2 Units (normal-sized bet) will now be $200. And I’m sure you already figured out that what was 3 Units (Max Bet) will now be $300. Easy enough, right? The subscription descriptions have been changed to reflect the Pick Rating System change from Units to dollars.

Obviously I realize not everyone has an average bet size of $200. Let’s say your average bet is $100. So you will basically be betting half of the amount I list with each play. You can use that as a guide to determine whether or not it makes sense for you to invest in my service.

Let’s use the $100 average bet as an example. And let’s use my 200% Guaranteed 1-month Subscription at $195 for this example. It states you must be at least +$600 at the end of your month (based on ratings & lines posted with each play) or you get an additional 2 MONTHS FREE. Since you’d be betting half of my Rating amounts, you’d have to be at least +$300 (for a net profit of at least $105) at the end of your month. That represents about a 50% return on your investment! I’d say it would make sense to invest in my service. The part I really like about the new 200% Guaranteed Subscriptions (and you should love it) is that you can turn a net profit and still get the 200% extended service!

In closing, the Pick Rating System change is pretty simple and allows you to more easily decide if my service at DBpicks.com makes sense for you. Check out the DBpicks.com Subscriptions page to see the details on the guarantee guidelines for each subscription.

Best of luck on all your wagers!

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Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant is the owner & handicapper of DBpicks.com. Dwayne provides members with sports betting tips (aka "picks" or "plays") in NFL, college football, NBA, NCAA basketball, and MLB.

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