Get My Strongest Plays (Less Than $2 A Day) & SO MUCH MORE!

Sports handicapper Dwayne Bryant


RECORD SETTER: Unmatched 20-game football win streak (NFL & college)
RESPECTED: Guest Handicapper on some of the Internet's most popular pick-selling sites
EXPERIENCE: Sports Bettor over 30 years; Professional Handicapper since 2000
NO-NONSENSE: No "Game of the Week / Month / Year" marketing BS
+112.23% Bankroll Increase on all plays since 1/1/2018
CLICK HERE for the spreadsheet of all plays since 1/1/2018

“Dwayne, did you say ‘Less than $2 a day’ for all of your plays?”

Yes, I most certainly did.  The amazingly low price of just $57 a month or $570 a year is just the beginning!  Hint: Keep reading for ALL the benefits of this one-of-a-kind, mind-blowing membership!

This is the absolute lowest price this membership will ever be AND it is quite possibly the LAST TIME THIS MEMBERSHIP WILL EVER OPEN , making this the absolute best time ever to get on board.

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You Will Be Locked In To That Lowest-Ever Price Unless You Cancel

The price of this membership may be higher if I ever re-open the doors.  If you cancel & want to rejoin later, you would have to pay the higher price at that time.

Not to mention that if you cancel, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT AT LEAST FOUR (4) YEARS to join again (more on that later), .

“DB, how are you different?”

First, I am a long-term winner.  I provide a link on my site to my spreadsheet containing all my plays since 1/1/2018.  And below is a screenshot of all my plays for the 8 1/2 years I was monitored at the now closed

You can see I turned a profit on four of the five sports during my 8 1/2 years.  The only losing sport was college hoops, which prompted me to shift gears and create a college hoops totals system beginning in the 2017-18 season.  In its two seasons in existence, this college hoops totals system is 116-73-4 (61.4% Winners) for a profit of +150.05%!

How many other pro cappers show you long-term records?  Not many, because they are long-term losers who play the marketing game, brainwashing you into buying into short-term winning streaks (“I’m on a red hot 5-0 run”) and big-play hype (“Game of the Month” or “Game of the Year” ring a bell?).  You won’t find any of that garbage here.

Instead, I try to teach you the long-term approach, and the proper money management to go along with it.  The sooner you stop buying hyped up “big plays” and getting sucked in by short-term winning streaks, the sooner you will start to produce a long-term profit.  Let’s face it, my four-year-old grandson could randomly point to teams in the betting rotation and eventually hit a 6-0 run.  STOP GETTING SUCKED IN!  Allow me to put you on the right path… the path to long-term profit!

Secondly, I do live video conferences with my clients (more on that below) at least once a week (twice per week during football season).  Whether we’re winning or losing, I’m with my clients every step of the way.  How many other pro cappers do you know who do regular live videos with their clients?

“DB, you called it a ‘membership.’  Why?”

This deal would be a no-brainer even if all you got were my plays for less than $2 a day.  But I called it a “membership” because you will get SO MUCH MORE than just my plays.

Client Testimonial: "Very satisfied customer"

“Very satisfied customer”

The Exclusive, One-of-A-Kind, Mind-blowing Membership Includes:


If I bet it, you get it.  That means all totals, too.  And yes, that also means every single 5% MAX BET.  Every.  Single.  Play.


When was the last time you bought a play from a handicapper and got to interact with him live?  I’ll wait…

I will be doing LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCES twice each week.  You will be able to ask me questions and get answers in REAL TIME.

I will occasionally do live videos during a game.  It’ll be a virtual watch party, and you may even get a second-half play right there on the live video!

Win or lose, hot or cold streak, I’ll be with you every step of the way to help keep you from making the costly mistakes that ruin most bettors.

Thinking about betting more games or betting more per game because we’re on a losing streak?  I’ll be there to talk you out of making that critical mistake.

Tempted to bet a game simply because it’s on national TV and you’ll be watching?  I’ll be there to talk you out of it.

The live video conferences will also be recorded, so you can watch and/or listen at your convenience if you miss one.

Bottom line: The consistent live interaction with me will help keep you on the path to long-term profit.

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COMMUNITY (PRIVATE MEMBERS-ONLY FORUM) is a community, a fraternity, a family of like-minded people who all share a passion for sports betting.

Think you missed a play?  Ask in the private members-only forum and see if anyone else got a play.

Have a question when I’m not around, your community brothers and sisters will be there to help.

Client Testimonial: "Best handicapper I know" and "Best I have seen"

“Best handicapper I know” and “Best I have seen” Is An Auto-Renewing Membership

Basically, you will be automatically charged on the same date every month (or year if you choose the yearly option).

How does an auto-renewing monthly membership benefit you?

You never miss a play, and you never have to worry if you bought a play in time to bet it like you sometimes do when you buy a daily package.

You don’t have to worry about jumping on and off at the wrong time.  You’ll be on board for EVERY winning streak, and from the BEGINNING.

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Important Information You Must Consider


I am doing this to help deter that “jump on, jump off” or “streak chaser” mentality.  That approach almost always leads to disaster.  If you sign up now and cancel next month, it will be AT LEAST FOUR (4) YEARS before you can join again… if ever.


You will have to wait AT LEAST FOUR (4) YEARS to join the membership, and there is a very good chance this membership WILL NEVER OPEN AGAIN.

Why?  Because I am signing an exclusive 4-year deal with WagerTalk.  That means after Thursday, the only place to get my plays will be through WagerTalk, and you will pay A LOT more (monthly there is $325 and yearly is $1,999).

You may have to pay a higher price to join this membership if I ever do open the doors  again in several years.

Client Testimonial: "Simply the BEST"

“Simply the BEST”

This Unheard-of Deal Really Is A No-brainer, So Why Wait?

There will never be a better time to join this membership.  The price will never be better.  And THIS could very well be your LAST CHANCE EVER to join.

You could always buy plays elsewhere.  You know, if you like spending A LOT more money and getting NOTHING in return besides the actual plays (if they even win).

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