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Sports betting consultant Dwayne Bryant provides handicapping tips and picks on NFL, college football, NBA, NCAA basketball, and MLB baseball.Hello, and welcome to DBpicks.com.  I’m Dwayne Bryant, a blue collar guy who grew up in a blue collar family.  Yes, that means I have a regular job.  Yes, that also means betting and pick selling are not my main sources of income.  I know, I’m supposed to make you believe all I do is bet on sports, sell my plays, and live the life of the rich and famous.  But I’ve never believed in pretending to be somebody I’m not.  I’m just a regular guy who happens to be a long-term winning bettor.

I’ve been betting since I was a teen (through my godfather, who had a local).  I broke into the business of sports betting consulting when I started my own website in July 2000.  I’ve always loved sports, and I’ve always excelled at working with numbers.  Sports betting brought those two things together, and I’m just as passionate about it now as I was back then.  My proudest achievement in this business is an unmatched 20-game football winning streak during the 2009-10 season.

I have accounts online, but a majority of my betting is done through locals.  I usually only use the online books for smaller, action bets, or when I can’t get in contact with my locals.  Much easier to get paid.  And I’ve known these guys for decades, so there’s a level of trust that I simply do not have for any of the online books.

I also do not offer different levels of memberships/subscriptions on my site.  Every package receives every play I release for the duration of the subscription.

My handicapping style consists of several aspects: situational, motivational, statistical and trends (team and player performance patterns).  My “gut” has the final say on all bets I make.  It doesn’t matter if all my work points one way.  If something about it feels “off,” then I’ll pass.  Believe me, my instincts have taken me off more losing bets than winning ones.

I’m a low volume bettor.  I’ve learned “less is more” when it comes to betting.  It’s about quality, not quantity.  I average one bet a day.

I don’t do much marketing.  I do not have silly names for my plays and I do not do the Game of the Week/Month/Year thing.  I simply rate my plays 2% (small bet), 3% (regular bet), 4% (Best Bet), and 5% (Max Bet).  The term “Max Bet” is the extent of my marketing and simply means it’s the most I ever bet on a single play. The percentages represent the amount of your bankroll you should wager on each play.

You can interact with me on Twitter @DB_BettingPicks or my Facebook page.  I also have a Free Facebook group for sports bettors. However, I do not interact with keyboard warriors, Internet tough guys, or people who just plain hate everyone in this business.  That’s their right, but I do not respond to or acknowledge those people.

I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have had about me or my service.  If you have any unanswered questions, please visit the FAQ page or contact our customer support email (help at DBpicks.com) if the FAQ page doesn’t answer your question.

Best of luck on all your wagers.


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Sports betting advisor Dwayne Bryant provides NFL picks, college football plays, NBA picks, NCAA basketball plays & MLB baseball picks.



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