Extraordinary Changes Coming To Massively Increase Your Chances of Sports Betting Success

attention pleaseIn the next several weeks, DBpicks.com will be undergoing a game-changing makeover.  I’m not talking about the way the site looks, although that will change a little bit.  I’m talking about my service and how I provide it.

If you are a current long-term client of mine, you’re probably thinking, “Dwayne, I’ve more than doubled my bankroll with your members-only plays this year.  Why change anything?”  Don’t worry.  My handicapping processes are not changing.

Look at any major pick-selling site on the Internet, and they all operate about the same way.  They spend their time “creating content.”  Articles, videos, podcasts, social media, etc.  Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with that approach from a business perspective.  But, we are providing a service, so shouldn’t the service be less about creating content to attract new clients, and more about helping you (the current client) win?

My innovative new business model will shift the focus on YOU more than anyone else in this industry.  This game-changing business model is designed to help you avoid some of the costly mistakes that seriously devastate your chance to be successful.  I will be focusing on you and helping you win much more than I’ll be spending time trying to attract new clients.  I’m not ready to reveal the exciting details just yet, but stay tuned.  You won’t want to miss what’s on the horizon.

Disclaimer: This is not one massive change that is going to occur.  This is not some “betting system” that is guaranteed to win an unheard amount of money.  And this certainly is not going to help you “get rich quick.”  Like I said, my actual handicapping processes will not change.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Right?

It will be a series of small yet ultimately effective changes to the DBpicks.com members experience.  Changes that anyone in this industry could make, but choose not to because they are more concerned with attracting new clients than they are about your sports betting success.  I want to change that.  I want to change that for YOU.

One thing is 100% certain: If you end up joining me on this journey, you will be and feel supported in your sports betting like never before.  Stay tuned.

PS: If you’re interested, I have a free sports betting group on Facebook.  It’s a small group right now, but I hope to grow it into a large group that provides tips, strategies, etc. to help each other win.  We’d love for you to come join us.

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Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant is the owner & handicapper of DBpicks.com. Dwayne provides members with sports betting tips (aka "picks" or "plays") in NFL, college football, NBA, NCAA basketball, and MLB.

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