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The new DBpicks.com is coming soonForget everything you know about pick-selling services.

The new DBpicks.com is coming at the end of August, and it will be nothing like any other pick-selling service you’ve ever seen.

The Others Just Sell Picks. DBpicks.com Will Be SO Much More.

No more buying picks and being forgotten about… unless you don’t buy again (at which point you probably get bribed with a coupon or special deal of some kind).

While basically every other pick-selling site on the Internet is busy 365 days a year creating content to attract new customers, I will be spending my time focused on the clients I already have. Everyone else’s #1 goal is finding that next new customer. My #1 goal is to make every single one of my clients a long-term winning bettor.

How am I going to attempt to do that?  By becoming personally involved in your success  What that means exactly will be revealed very soon.

DBpicks.com Will Be A Recurring Monthly Membership… And That’s A Good Thing

If you’re not sure what a “recurring monthly membership” (RMM) is, just think Netflix or Dollar Shave Club.  You sign up once and are automatically billed each month unless you decide to cancel.  And that benefits you in more ways than one.  Here’s how:

RMMs charge much lower rates.  The top pick-selling sites charge $299 up to as much as $499 for a 30-day subscription.  When I’m ready to reveal my monthly price, you will see that my price isn’t even in the same area code.

Have you ever found a capper on a hot streak, and jumped on board just in time for him to go cold as ice?  Then he gets hot again right after you bail?  Jumping on a hot capper and off a cold one is probably the single biggest mistake pick buyers make.  Instead of taking the stock market approach of “buy low, sell high,” pick buyers do the complete opposite.  More times than not, that turns out to be a colossal mistake.

Being in a RMM takes that impulsive decision-making out of the equation, greatly increasing your chances of long-term success.  How?  Because you won’t be jumping on the bandwagon during or at the end of a winning streak.  You will be on board at the BEGINNING of EVERY winning streak.

Have you ever missed a play or several plays because your one-time subscription expired, and you didn’t know it?  The RMM virtually eliminates any chance of that happening.  With my RMM, you are on board every single day unless you cancel.  So, you never have to worry about missing plays because your package ended without you knowing it.

Being A Founding Member of the New DBpicks.com Has Many Benefits

YOU have the exclusive opportunity to be a Founding Member of the new DBpicks.com. What does that mean?

It means you will get my Members-only plays at the lowest price they will ever be. Why an all-time low price?  A couple reasons.

First, the membership is in the process of being built.  Not everything may work right off the bat, and not everything is set up yet.  That’s where you come in.

In exchange for that all-time low price, you will help me build the new DBpicks.com by providing me with feedback on my ideas (and suggestions on ideas you may have) to make the new DBpicks.com the greatest customer experience in the pick-selling industry. Hint: I already have some ideas I think you’re gonna like (details coming soon).

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown! This Is Completely Unheard Of!

You will be able to join the new DBpicks.com during the last week of August. Then, at the end of August, I will close the doors to DBpicks.com for SIX MONTHS.

“Dwayne, why would you close the doors for six months? That’s crazy!”

I will be closing the doors for six months and not allowing new members to join because I will be shifting gears from sales & marketing mode to spend that six months focused on my current clients and to make sure they are long-term winning bettors.

Seriously, do you think you will ever see another pick-selling service close their doors for six whole months and not allow new customers to buy?  Of course not, because all they really care about is finding new customers to replace the ones whom they’ve bled dry.  They do not care if you turn a long-term profit, as long as you keep buying.

Do I want to make money?  Absolutely I do, but I want to do it by going beyond the pick-selling transaction and personally helping you to turn a long-term sports betting profit.

But Wait, There’s More!

I know this got a bit long-winded, but there are still some things about the new DBpicks.com that I have not yet revealed.  More details will be revealed as we get deeper into August.

Bottom line: I want DBpicks.com to have the best customer experience of any pick-selling site on the Internet. I am confident that together we can make that happen.

Stay tuned.

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Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant is the owner & handicapper of DBpicks.com. Dwayne provides members with sports betting tips (aka "picks" or "plays") in NFL, college football, NBA, NCAA basketball, and MLB.

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  1. Anxiousl to hear your new deal. Vic

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